My Travel Art Bag

Hi there!

Check out this short video of my travel art bag I'm lugging around this summer. My favorite bags in the entire world are Papaya Art bags! They are easy to clean, hold a great deal of art supplies plus the artwork is GORGEOUS!

I'm doing something a bit different this year. I love reading fictional summer books, especially if the story's main destination is a cute beach community. Since I usually alter old books, I thought why not use a new one to sketch and paint in while reading it too.

Reading and art journaling in the same book...count me in!

So what is inside this adorable bag?

Hardback Book                      Lyra graphite crayon 2B

Watercolors                           Pental Aquash Brush

Watercolor pencils                  Watercolor brushes

Spray bottle with water           Posca white paint pen

Gesso                                      Black brush pen

Clear gesso                              Black carbon pen

Matte medium                          Tombow Brush pen

Pencil sharpner                         White Signo Uni-ball pen

Eraser                                       Black Sharpie paint pen

Old gift card                             Pencil

Black Stabilo                             Blending stump

***I bought small empty bottles from Michaels Craft Store and Hobby Lobby to put gesso, clear gesso, and matte medium into so I could travel with these mediums.***