Welcome to Part 3: Color Schemes

We have arrived to the final section of the "Color Wheel Inspired" workshop...color schemes. I am so excited to share this last section with you because now we are going to have some serious fun creating several mixed media projects! The goal for this section is to show you how to use the color wheel and create harmonious art work using color schemes.  Gather your pretty color inspiration journal and let's get started!


We are going to create a mixed media floral page in our color inspiration journal. My goal was to use two colors I hardly ever use: purple and yellow. These are complementary colors that sit across from each other on the color wheel. A little note about my color choices: I used more of a red violet versus violet and the complement to red violet is yellow green, not the yellow orange I ended up using. So please note, if you want to succeed with a "true" to the color wheel complementary color scheme, definitely go for it. Or take a leap and break the rules (slightly) and use whatever colors you have on hand like I did. ;)


Golden Fluid: Titanium white and Carbon black

Target paints: Goldenrod, Violet, and Elephant Grey


Collage paper

Donna Downey Stencil

Signo white pen

Catalyst contour c-62

Filbert #6 brush

1/2" Angular Shader brush

Split complementary

Ready to bring in a third color to create a harmonious art page? In this project I show you how to use a split complementary color scheme as a background for a mixed media feather. So fun!


We continue working with three colors for this next project. Follow along as I create these two cute owls. This one is messy and layered and oh so fun!


We break away from using three colors and go for four in this next project. For this girl trio project, I keep it very simple and basic when drawing figures and faces. Why? Because everything in art does not have to be realistic or perfect in order for it to be pretty. No perfection allowed in art making. Only imperfection is wanted here and if you are new to drawing faces and/or figures, allow yourself to have some fun keeping it basic. If I can do this, you can do this! ;)



Now we break away from our color inspiration journal and try something different. How about applying a color scheme to a coloring book? Ever since the coloring books rage hit, I have not been aboard that fun train because my mind goes crazy seeing all the designs and thinking "wow, I have to color ALL of that in?!" LOL!  But after doing this page with supplies I love, it was really fun and very meditative. I can see why so many enjoy the modern coloring books today.


After doing so many color schemes with many colors, we bring it back to only using one color. For this final project I show you how to tint, tone, & shade, creating many values using one main color. Then we create a monochromatic background in our color inspiration journal. I also share with you one of my favorite ways to do a photo transfer by creating a gel skin. Fun, fun, fun!


Wax paper

Gel Medium (Golden gloss is what I used)

Palette knife


Paint: white, black and color of choice (I used Liquitex Basics Bright Aqua Green)

3/4" Wash brush

#4 Round brush

#8 Filbert brush

Stencil of choice ( I used this 12x12 stencil that I cut up into 4 single stencils)

TheGraphicsFairy.com is an awesome website for copyright free images. You can also check out Pixabay.com. They have copyright free images too.

Laser Printer I own and use. I absolutely LOVE this printer and I use it all the time. This printer is a black and white laser printer so it does not print in color, however I am looking at investing in this one next year so I can have a color laser printer too. :)

Adjusting printer settings for image

Under "preview" tab, I clicked on Basic.

Then I adjusted the Brightness and moved the tab all the way towards "Dark". This allowed me to have a darker image printed.

Finally, under "Preview" tab, I adjusted the Scale to 30%.

Gathering Inspiration

For this little section, I show you where I love to look and find inspiration. I believe the majority of inspiration comes from the work you put into whatever creative outlet you are passionate about. Inspiration should come from within but what about finding it outwardly too? Nature has always been my go to place to feel connected & inspired. On the days I can't get into the studio to paint or the days I want to Netflix binge because I feel yucky, I look for inspiration outside of myself. Movies, books, magazines and nature are my go to survival kits. On the days I just don't feel creative, my camera in hand or a sketchbook in hand usually does the trick. What does your creative inspiration survival kit look like?

In this next video I show you a couple of my favorite books & magazines I love to look at and feel inspired by. In the video I mention the famous quote by Picasso, "In order for inspiration to exist, it has to find you working". That is so true but I also believe it has to find you looking. Open heart, open mind. Sometimes we just need to pick our head up and look because inspiration truly exists all around us.


Magazines (The one page I mentioned in the video is from Flow Magazine. Some other favorites are Taproot, Uppercase, Bella Grace, and Mollie Makes magazines.)

Books (Vitamin P2, Megg's History of Graphic Design, At the Same Moment Around the World)

 This isn't shown in the video but I thought I would share some other favorite items that I use for inspiration.

My Camera is a Sony a77 that I absolutely love!

My favorite photo editing app I use mainly for my Instagram account is Snapseed. I love editing photos. It makes me feel happy and like I completed something versus just having a photo sitting in my phone untouched.

My favorite sketchbook to keep in my purse is a hardcover Moleskine or a handmade one. Any pencil or pen works fine for me when sketching on the go. Sometimes I use a charcoal pencil like this one. Sketching isn't the only thing I do in my sketchbook. I journal A LOT! If I had to pick only one thing to motivate me and help me clear my mind before creating, it would be writing in my journal.

Stepping out into nature helps my soul. This means literally stepping outside into my backyard or taking my kids to the park. Just being outside does my soul soooo good!!!

Find ways to encourage and inspire your heart, mind & soul. To be a creative being doesn't mean we have to create and complete a piece of artwork every single day. If you do, pat yourself on the back and give a high five in the air because that is awesome! For many of us, there are periods of struggle that get in the way of creating and if you really pull back the layer of that struggle you will often find the hidden force creating that struggle. It often comes in the form of fear. This is where writing in my journal helps me see the real issue at hand. I release it in the form of writing and I move forward.

I hope this section is helpful for you. There are so many places and things to find inspiration and to be inspired but remember, the real payoff comes from the work you put out each and every time you show up to your creative outlet (painting, sewing, scrapbooking, cooking, writing, etc). Just showing up is the greatest reward you can give to your creative self.

Inspiration Mood Board

In this quick video I show you how I go through my favorite collage papers, magazines & books and create inspiration mood boards. Each page is filled with the inspired picture(s), then paint and sometimes collage papers. Enjoy!

BONUS: Color Wheel walk thru

In this two part video series, I walk you thru the entirety of reading and understanding the Pocket Color Wheel. This video is extremely helpful for anyone who is not familiar with a color wheel. I saved this for last in hopes that it would not discourage anyone brand new to learning about the color wheel. There are so many components to learn and I hope walking through the color wheel project by project has been very useful and not overwhelming.

This concludes the "Color Wheel Inspired" workshop. Thank you so much for joining me on this colorful adventure. My goal was to guide you gently around the color wheel, learning all about it with fun and engaging mixed media projects. If this workshop has succeeded in helping you in any way, please feel free to leave a review below that I can post here on my website. I would be so honored and grateful.

Thank you for your friendship & support. I look forward to sharing more tutorials & workshops with you in the near future. Have a wonderful, creative day today and everyday! Happy Holidays!

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