"Ugly Art: An art journal spread"

One of the greatest gift we can give to our self is the permission to just make ugly art. Too often I find myself worrying about who will see a finished piece, will it look like the image I have in my head, will I get a lot of likes, and the list goes on! Do you ever get this way in the middle of a painting or maybe before you even get started?

Here is how to fix that scenario: stop, start, continue. My husband tells me this all the time when I start to feel overwhelmed or lost. He uses this at his job when guiding employees to improve on work performance, etc. He uses this to better his own improvements as a manager and to help him grow. Gratefully he has shared this with me so that I can grow as an artist.

So how does this work? Ask yourself these three questions and answer with the first thoughts that come to mind.

What do you want to stop? What do you want to start? What do you want to continue?

I have used this to figure out what I want as far as a business goes but I also use this during the creative process. The minute I start to allow that inner critic to voice her opinions or if I start to wonder who will see it, etc, I immediately say "stop". I take a few breaths or simply remind myself the permission I gave at the beginning which is to simply create, and then I continue.

Try it out. I hope it works wonders for you as it has for me. Now on to the video! I hope you enjoy. I walk you step by step how I created this page in hopes that it will help you learn how to overcome blocks, periods where you don't know what to do next and allow yourself to just create ugly art!

You never know what will transform from ugly art.

Creativity takes courage.
— Henri Matisse