Happy Winter my creative friends!

This year I have decided to devote more time to my creative practice. One thing about me is that I love to learn. I love watching other artists create and how their process works. I love learning new techniques and definitely about new supplies. But at the end of the day, what I get the most joy out of creating, is what I have learned through my own process. Learning is great but showing up and putting in the work is the greatest reward we can give ourselves!

So how do we figure out our own process?

"By making the time to simply play and explore!"

That has been my motto for 2016 and it definitely worked out for me. I want to continue this mindset going into 2017 and thought it would be fun to create a little project out of it for the new year as well as the season.


So for 12 weeks, I will be dedicating 1 day a week to create on a small 6x6 piece of paper. It doesn't even matter how much time is spent on each piece, just as long as I show up at least 1 day a week for this project. The rest of the week is open for me to continue learning, working on other mixed media projects and hopefully start my writing journey. :)

Would you like to join me this winter for the very first run of Seasonal Art Journey?

I would be honored to have you along. This project has no set rules, just art making! Maybe you want to do this project once a day or work on all 12 pieces at once once a week or you can work on it like I am, one piece of paper once a week. :) Either way, I hope you join along. I will be sharing my weekly art pieces on Instagram and using #seasonalartjourney. Please use the same hashtag so we can find each other and admire your creative pieces.

To get started, I have posted 2 tutorial videos below. Enjoy!

To begin, I have created a video tutorial showing you how I create a background on an 18x24 watercolor paper. Then I show you how I cut it up into (12) 6x6 squares. 

If you are using a different size paper, check out these PDF's I have created for you. :) These are just a few ideas if you want to work with a smaller size square or a 6x6 square.

Now that you have a background created and your squares all cut up and ready to go, pick one and start playing and exploring! Here is a sped up process video for my week 1 piece. Enjoy!

Supplies used

Variety of acrylic paint in payne's grey, light blue, green gold, butter cream, white, & orange light

FW acrylic inks in white and gold

Palette knife

Prima art basics brush with tool on end

Round brush

Derwent charcoal pencils

Below will be the gallery where I will keep all photos of this 12 week seasonal art journey! Here is a little calendar too just in case you want to print it out and keep to follow along. :) Happy creating my friend!